Aluminium Windows and Frames

Contemporary Slim Frame Windows

Aluminium Windows and frames

Contemporary slim frame windows

Slim Frames and More Glass for a Brighter Home

Aluminium casement windows are made with our slimmest frames, to allow more light to flood into your home. Offering a perfect contemporary style and unique frame design with style grooves, available in a range of contemporary colours to give your home a sophisticated, modern style.

Aluminium Colours

Aluminium windows are available in a range of one colour options, with the same tone on the inside and out. Alternatively, you can choose a two colour, with, for example, white on the inside and black on the exterior.






Black & White

Give your Home a Contemporary Feel

Give your home a contemporary feel with
Aluminium casement windows, which are the perfect choice for a modern feel. The slim frame will also allow for a larger glass area.

Stopping Heat Transfer

Aluminium’s strength is its great looks, but its weakness is its conductivity. We have the experience to reduce this problem. We use all the technology at our disposal to limit transfer by incorporating a polyamide thermal break, a warm edge spacer bar between the panes and fitting Low-E glass as standard.

Safe and Secure

Our aluminium windows offer excellent security features. Internal beading prevents the removal of glass from the outside, and a multi-point lock and a key lockable handle, that locks in a night vent position, will keep your home ventilated without compromising security.

Guaranteed for Peace of Mind

Aluminium casement windows have a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Aluminium window FAQ

We understand that choosing new aluminium windows can be a daunting task. So to help you here are some Frequently Asked Questions, which you might find useful.

In theory yes but we would not advise it as the best look will come from the original finish. Our windows and doors are powder coated, which creates a very hard and resilient finish, which should easily last for 20 years or more.

Aluminium tends to be stronger than UPVC, which means that the frame of an aluminium window or door can have a slimmer profile and larger glass surface compared to its UPVC equivalent. However, aluminium conducts heat and cold and so is not as thermally efficient as wood or UPVC, which are far better at reducing temperature transfer through the frame.

Although aluminium windows are strong and very attractive, the material has a weakness in regards to conductivity. We use our years of experience to reduce this problem. An aluminium window are engineered with a polyamide thermal break (to reduce heat transfer), a warm spacer bar between the panes, and Low-E glass fitted as standard.

If you live in a listed property, when replacing any window or door, you first have to get consent from your local authority. There will be regulations stipulated to what materials i.e. timber frames and/or sash style, etc. Usually the stipulation is replacing like-for-like. There are a number of aluminium windows that can be made to match suitable properties. But the first step is to check with your local authority.

Unfortunately not. Aluminium windows have evolved over recent years, providing stylish and sleek designs. If your property is particularly cold or susceptible to harsh weather conditions, then we would recommend installing triple glazing on UPVC windows.

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